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Monitoring and remote management

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We manage the implementation, maintenance, supervision and control of support services

The corporate transformation caused by the digital era leads to the evolution of the way in which technological infrastructures and services are managed.

ZENER has vast experience in the design and deployment of management solutions for the service and support of operations (OSS) and business (BSS), including:

  • Comprehensive mobile site management - Smart Site®
  • Management centres (“Service Desks”)
  • Network and service monitoring
  • Failure and alarm management
  • Failure prevention and prediction
  • Network and service inventory
  • Provision orders and activation process management
  • Capacity assurance
  • Configuration management (CMDB)

"END to End"
Monitoring and remote management projects

Covering all the needs by highly qualified technicians.



Comprehensive mobile site management - Smart Site®

ZENER encourages the creation of innovative ideas, supporting them from the start through R+D+I projects to their final industrialisation, such as the Smart Site®project.

This modular device was conceived, designed and developed by ZENER. Its implementation allows for a comprehensive management of the incoming and outgoing information generated in the different devices installed in an industrial or telecommunication site, such as mobile telephone base stations.

Thanks to its sensors and its camera, Smart Site®, ®, becomes the eyes of the technician on site allowing him to make choices according to the collected information and take action as if he was there.

Since it is equipped with its own battery, it helps whenever there is a failure of the energy supply, maintaining the communication with the site and the operation itself while the supply is restored.

There are currently more than 4,000 Smart Site® Units deployed both in Spain and abroad, for the management and control of mobile telecommunication sites.


Management Centres (“Service Desks”)

ZENER Group has several Management Centres (“Service Desks”) for the management of different services.

This closeness allows us to provide for a special treatment of our customers, which gives our relationship a differential value.

  • Customised attention: customer-oriented attention.
  • Quality: continuous improvement to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Efficient platform: efficient improvement of incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Experience: staff with vast experience and constant training.

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