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Awards and recognitions

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ZENER is characterised by turning the quality of their services into the company’s hallmark

This constant search for ways to improve the development, management and implementation of our projects has taken ZENER to become an internationally recognised company that has been awarded with several prizes that value their good work.



Johnson ControlsPEC-Excellence Certificate

ZENER has obtained in Chile by the Mutual de Seguridad de la Cámara Chilena de la Construcción (CChC) the PEC certificate as a testimony of our commitment to excellence in Occupational Health and Safety.

The PEC Certification is homologous with the prestigious ISO 45001 Standard, which further reinforces the strength of our occupational health and safety management system.



Johnson ControlsTeam Excellence Award

In Chile, ZENER has been recognized by the client HUAWEI for the work done for the SWAP project in several sites in the central area of the country.

Our technical teams and back office are committed to the client's objectives and as a reflection of this, we have obtained the award for technical excellence, outstanding performance and over compliance with SLA's.



Johnson ControlsLeadership Award for our "Customer driven" management

ZENER ALARMS in Spain has been awarded with the Leadership Award for our management as a "Customer driven" supplier by the American multinational Johnson Controls.

This award is the recognition of the work done during 2021 in which we have demonstrated a consistent and sustainable performance and at the same time, a first class contribution to the improvement of the experience of their end customers.


2018 and 2019

CEPYME 500Growth Leader

For the fourth year in a row, the companies ZENER COMUNICACIONES and ZENER PLUS, members of the ZENER Group were recognised by CEPYME as one of the 500 Spanish growth-leading companies in 2019.

The inclusion of the ZENER Group companies in the CEPYME500 Yearbook implies a recognition that strengthens its national and international showcasing and contributes to boosting their growth potential.


Logo vodafone Best Supplier

The “Suppliers Awards” are a recognition by Vodafone in Spain to the best performing suppliers.

ZENER is valued as the best supplier of the year due to their efforts, work and commitment.

That same year, the company received the award for the "Best First-Time Installation" and “Best Customer Management” at the 3rd Vodafone Annual Event 2017.

Logo ASEPEYO y HUAWEI Occupational Risk Management

Mutua ASEPEYO recognises the job done by ZENER in order to contribute clearly towards the reduction and prevention of labour accidents.

This job was awarded again in the same year with the “Outstanding H&S Awards HUAWEI” for the best health and safety management.


Logo Vodafone y HUAWEI Recognitions by VODAFONE and HUAWEI

The growth process undergone by the activities of the ZENER Group was awarded with the prize for the “Best Operational Flexibility Vodafone 2016". This awards recognises the work done and the continuous growth.

The company received the “Outstanding H&S Awards HUAWEI” award as well, recognising the job done by ZENER in order to secure the health and safety of its employees.

Logo HUAWEI Outstanding New Partner

As a reward for ZENER’s persistence in order to improve and continue growing, the Group was recognised in 2016 with the Outstanding New Partner Awardby Huawei.


Logo ASEPEYO XCELLENCE Award for the “H&S Management”

GRUPO ZENER was awarded with the EXCELLENCE Award by ASEPEYO in recognition for the work done in terms of occupational risk prevention.

The XCELLENCE awards, which are highly recognised in the business world, reward the pursuit of excellence of the Zener Group, as it goes beyond the fulfilment of legal obligations.

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